Connecting Volunteers With Great Opportunities

With more helping hands, we can make the world a better place. inServe's goal is to build RL (real life) communities to facilitate the recruitment and management of volunteer activities, and to modernize the discovery and sign up process for volunteers.



Find Great Volunteer Opportunities

You want to serve, but it is hard to get started. inServe makes it easy. Our mobile application gives you the ability to filter opportunities by distance and date so you can get the exact event you want!

You'll be surprised by how easy it is to take first step and how great it makes you feel.

It's Easy!


Sign up and learn about events at the touch of a button. 

Don't worry if you're lost!

Get directions or connect with an event coordinator if you have any questions


Administrator Dashboard

As a community administrator, inServe helps you every step of the way. Through our dashboard you have the ability to regulate your team members, approve and deny organizations they are exposed to, and display your own community events to the group. Our goal is to save you time, so you can refocus the time spent on paperwork to other aspects of your occupation. 

Managing The Community 

We want to give the community administrator the most control over their team. So, we built a secure interface that allows administrators to:


                                              1. filter through their users based completion of hours

                                              2. contact users via their email

                                              3. export data to a CVC file

                                              4. add hours manually to their profile

                                              5. see where and how long people volunteered 

As a community administrator you will have access to hundreds of organizations around your area, and be able to partner with and regulate the organizations your team can and cannot volunteer at.

Managing Organizations



James Kanoff


Stanford University 


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Cornell University


Maxwell Goldman


Brown University


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